Finn received a grant from the Exuberant Trust in 2010 to help pay for a video camera to create films, primarily with footage of his Kayaking expeditions.

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Finn Burrows

Finn is a skilled Freestyle Kayaker and self-taught video film maker. Kayaking on ‘white water’ has been one of his passions since the age of 10 and he trained by the Riverside Club, Oxford. Finn started making videos in 2008 of kayaking expeditions with friends, first locally, then to Wales and Dartmoor, and as their skills increased at the Italian and Swiss Alps, Norway, Uganda’s White Nile and Chile.

Finn has now made many films of his numerous Kayaking experiences, all of which show the amazing skills required to navigate some of the rivers, waterfalls and rapids around the world. Thousands of people have watched some of his films, which can be seen on Vimeo and YouTube. Due to this popularity and his skills as a Kayaker, Palm Equipment and Dagger Europe sponsor his kit and boat costs.

Finn also enjoys editing and adding music to his films as a creative process. He says “The Exuberant Trust has helped me replace the camcorder I dropped in the Nile – thanks!”.

At the Showcase there will be a viewing of a short film that Finn made in 2011, showing extracts of the ballet Commedia which is the realisation of an idea that theatre director Sebastian Graham-Jones was developing at the time of his death in 2004.

Commedia is inspired by the paintings of Claude Harrison and Robin Holloway's serenade in C. Commissioned by the Graham-Jones family with the support of the Exuberant Trust, it was created by Susie Crow for the Ballet in Small Spaces Tour in 2011 and performed by the company accompanied by the Exuberant Players.

10th Anniversary Showcase Performers - 22nd September 2013, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.