Concert Diary


Wednesday, 11th April

Concert Flyer

Exuberant Showcase

7.00pm, at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, Oxford.

Tickets: £10/£8 (concessions).

We are delighted to announce our second showcase for young musicians and a dancer. Again, the performers are all talented young people who have received grants from the Exuberant Trust over the last few years and who are willing to help us in return by providing a concert for our supporters.

Sunday, 24th July

Music at The Limes

1.00pm until nightfall, at The Limes, Standlake, Oxfordshire.

Michael Graham-Jones and family welcome you to Music at the Limes, 2007. Weather permitting, we hope to hold a belated 87th birthday lunch and tea party in Michael's garden from 1.00pm till nightfall, on Sunday 24th June. Please bring and share picnic food, also something to sit on and we will provide drinks and tea and fruit salad and ice cream.

There will be a collection for the Exuberant Trust, which is getting a good trickle of applications from creative young people, and welcomes more. We look forward very much to seeing you and catching up with your news.

Sunday, 29th July

Concert Flyer

Music at The Limes

Gardens open from 5.00pm, performances from 7.00pm.

Michael Graham-Jones and family again invite you to another summer time event at the Limes! This time we are delighted to have Henry Herford (baritone) and Peter Cowdrey (piano) performing A Recital of English Songs, Old, New and French, featuring the work of Gerald Finzi, Benjamin Britten, Johnny Herford and Peter Cowdrey. Please do bring your own picnic! Drinks will be provided before and after the concert. Fruit salad and ice cream will also be served afterwards. Entrance is free and a collection will be taken in aid of the Exuberant Trust.

Sunday, 4th November

Concert Flyer

Music at The Limes

Trio Sospiroso

7.00pm, at The Limes, Standlake.

Anyone who missed Trio Sospiroso's very successful concert at Newbury Methodist Church early this year should try to catch this next concert, for the Exuberant Trust, at the Limes. Trio Sospiroso (Newbury harpist Jenny Broome, with Clare Mellor, flute and Sue Black, viola) have given many recitals and played this summer at HADCAF. Their programme for Sunday evening includes two dramatic and different pieces written for this exciting combination during the First World War: Debussy’s Trio, of whose ambivalent emotions the composer wrote ‘I don’t know whether to laugh or cry’ and Bax’s Elegiac Trio, the epitome of Celtic romanticism, with swirling harp, passionate viola and consoling flute. Music by Bach and Ravel complete the programme. For more information visit:

Sunday, 2nd December

Concert Flyer

Music at The Limes

Drinks from 6.30 pm, Concert starts at 7.00pm, at The Limes, Standlake.

Entrance is free, and a collection will be taken in aid of the Exuberant Trust.

Michael Graham-Jones and family welcome you to yet another Music at the Limes event. On this occasion, we are are very pleased to present a recital by Exuberant awardee Alisa Liubarskaya (Cello) and Andrea Kmecova (Piano). Alisa and Andrea will perform a delightful selection of Brahms, Hindemith and Elgar, which we are certain will provide a relaxing and enjoyable start to the busy month of December! Drinks will be provided before and after the concert. Soup will also be served afterwards, but do feel free to bring a picnic supper.

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