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Officially formed as a charity in April 2003, The Exuberant Trust celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2013 and is extremely proud to have been able to help young people in Oxfordshire with arts-based grants for the past decade.

The idea of setting up The Exuberant Trust came about at a family celebration of the life of Jennifer Graham-Jones (1925 - 2002), who had spent much of her life devoted to encouraging young people at particular decision points in their lives.

After their move to Oxfordshire, Jennifer and Michael Graham-Jones organised a series of charity concerts at which young players performed in an informal setting at their home in Standlake. This was the birth of the Music at The Limes concerts, which carry on today, as the main fundraising events of the Exuberant Trust.

The Exuberant Trust has grown from strength to strength and to-date has awarded 80 grants, totalling over £42,000 to help young people in Oxfordshire develop their interest in the arts.

However, The Exuberant Trust has only been able to operate for all this time due to the kindness of three groups of people:

So many thanks to everyone who has made the Exuberant Trust what it is today and here's to the next 10 years!

Exuberant Oxford!

To help celebrate the Exuberant Trust's 10th Anniversary year, the aptly named Exuberant Oxford! was held on Sunday, 22nd September 2013 at the Pegasus theatre, Oxford.

The evening was a wonderful celebration of the achievements that the award-winners have made so far and raised over £1200 for the Exuberant Trust with the combined ticket sales and donations from the audience and other supporters.

The event showcased some of the highly-talented young people that the Exuberant Trust has supported in the past and featured a variety of musical, dance and drama performances and also two arts and crafts exhibitions, all of which were of a high standard and provided an extremely enjoyable, moving and sometimes breathtaking evening!

Many thanks go to all of the award-winners who took part in the Showcase and to their friends and families for their help and support; a huge thank you must also go to the audience and supporters of the trust, who helped make the evening such a fundraising success and lastly we are incredibly grateful to the Pegasus theatre, who allowed the event to take place free of charge.

The Showcase has always been an important event for the Exuberant Trust, which awards small one-off grants to young people in Oxfordshire at crucial times to enable their aspirations in the arts. The money raised from Exuberant Oxford! will enable the trust to award more grants to more young people in the future.

Thank you!

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